6TH-7TH October, 2023 Mövenpick Grand Al Bustan Dubai

Welcome Message

As president of the International Aesthetic Gynecology Congress (IAGC), it is a pleasure to welcome each and every one of you; our attendees, distinguished speakers, and exhibitors from all over the world to fascinating Dubai, UAE. A city visited last year by 15 million people who enjoyed its aura, exotic beach resorts and malls.

 I am deeply grateful to our faculty, organizing, and scientific committees, who put together such an engaging program. Without their devoted and selfless efforts, this conference would have not been possible.

I strongly believe that the topics we will be discussing will change many women’s lives forever and for the better. The complexities women face after childbirth and aging bring changes to the genital appearance and physical response. Aesthetic gynecology aims to enhance both the physical appearance and female genital function, which can be a game changer as it relates to a woman’s dignity, self-esteem, body image, overall confidence and sexuality.   

Your strong support and active participation, has made IAGC the most popular cosmetic gynecology event worldwide. This year we have exceeded the total number of presentations ever delivered by an impressive roster of 70 distinguished international speakers, sharing their

expertise in 34 scientific sessions in two main halls. The quality of the program is world-class, and the spectrum of topics is very current and broad.

IAGC provides a very unique opportunity for all of us to unite with others from related specialties including plastic surgeons, urologists, dermatologists, and aesthetic physicians and surgeons; interacting together and networking, bringing the world all together in magnificent Dubai.  We are fortunate to have the support of a great cadre of sponsors, whom I hope you will get to meet during the conference. Their generous sponsorships recognizing IAGC as the leading in scientific and technological advances in aesthetic gynecology for this year and every coming year is deeply appreciated.

The IAGC 2023, organizers, Top House Conferences (THC) have worked extremely hard for the last year to organize an outstanding conference, while providing maximum hospitality.

Please feel free to contact them for any inquiries you may have.

We hope your experience at IAGC will be an outstanding one. Our expectation is that each professional will return home, and carry the valuable knowledge they acquired in these three days into a thriving successful practice for many years to come.

Enjoy your participation in the IAGC 2023, and a memorable time visiting fascinating

Dubai. We hope we see you again next year for IAGC 2024.

Ayman El Attar, MD
President IAGC
President American Board of Cosmetic Gynecology
President American Aesthetic Association
President Derma Laser Centers, USA